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Click For Change

Improving our city, one click at a time.



Click for change is a cloud and AI based mobile application primarily aimed at reducing the garbage concentration in your city, by sending complaints to the organizations in charge. Just take a picture of a garbage dump, potholes, sewer leakages etc., and our app will use AI to recognize the image, draft a description using your location, and will automatically send a complaint to the government organizations by mail.

Image by Antoine GIRET

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How We Help:


Provide platform to raise issues to the authorities

Through our simple and easy to use android app, raising issues to the authorities becomes extremely easy. Our AI makes this process even simpler as it will automatically fill out descriptions for you. We will also let you know once your issues have been acknowledged and fixed as well.


Increase awareness amongst communities

Our application also allows you to see other issues in your community and also lets you communicate with other citizens in your area. This lets you learn more about the issues in your area and lets others know about your issues as well.


Provides platform for community service events and drives.

Through our social networking features, citizens can arrange various drives and clean-up events. We will also certify those who take part in these community organized events and community service hours will be included in these certifications.

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